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what exactly is e cig? - what's vaping?

Even as known, health electronic cigarettes structure contain, tobacco rod (battery), ejuice composed of three parts, obviously, segmentation and suction nozzle and battery.Everybody is very interested in learning a few most is how you can work?Let everyone at ordinary times on lighting the cigarette into the civilized environmental protection smokeless cigarette now? - Snow Wolf 200W Box Mod

The first structure of health smokeless cigarette: atomizer

E-cigarettes atomizer is amongst the core of e cigarettes, it's great or bad directly impact on the taste and flavor of liquid atomization out smoke.Atomizer structure is a heating components, through the battery heating, make its ejuice volatilization, beside the formation of smoke.Across the guide oil cotton resistance wire number of turns and the level of capacity to smoke e-cigarettes, the larger the voltage or even the greater the resistance the lesser the relative out smoke.New SURPASS series electronic cigarettes day strength, lots of smoke, don't leak, avoid warm condition to create harmful gases.And will replace the atomization core, convenient and concise unpick and wash, make e cig are more durable.

E cigarette's second structure: e cig battery

Health smokeless cigarette can be called e cig battery, internal mainly features a light-emitting diodes (leds), PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, many electronic circuits.Its main role is incorporated in the process of smoking induced ventilation and secondary battery discharge power, will eliquid atomization, smokeless cigarette butt department LED red glow concurrently, the simulation in the a sense smoking.Differs on different tobacco
rod structure, usage differs also, ego battery series more, also provide with led lights and without, you should carefully look at the instructions when working with, or ask the seller clear before use.

The 3rd e cigarette structure: E cigarette eliquid (E juice)

Electronic can be used together with the e cigarette eliquid atomization, from the e cigarette atomizer heating, can create the fog like cigarettes.E cigarette oil consumption level or medical level is the main element of glycerol, propylene glycol polyglycol, nicotine, and cigarette flavor.Some electronic e liquid includes nicotine composition, mainly because of its taste is much more near to the cigarette.Thus far there is no-one to be equal on the aroma of smoke, smoke fluid want to simulate.Liquid concentration, the greater the more smoke choking voice, low smoke fluid density can't quit smoking, smoke fluid directly determines the standard of the electronic cigarette taste.

Following the introduction of small make up, you understand about health e cigarette?For those who have a cigarette, then please choose e cigs as an alternative to cigarettes, so that you can both you and your family's health.E cigarette do not need to burn, using electric breath is not a cloud of smoke, but smoke after heating oil atomization gas, in the air will disappear immediately won't damage other people health. - Snow Wolf 200W Box Mod
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